Album Artwork Update

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A lot of music artists have recently approached me and made enquiries in regards to album artwork.

Therefore I am currently the middle of organising all my art work. I have over 60 different pieces of art work in total that I am preparing for my store. I find this very exciting as I would like to be able to share my work with other great artists.

Upon sale of art work the following terms have immediate effect.

On finalisation of sale then you will hold exclusive rights to the album artwork. Furthermore the artwork will then no longer be available for anyone to buy to use as album artwork.

The sale of album artwork is based on a first come first served basis.

Instore Now!

The purchase of any album artwork item gives you exclusive rights.
This is for use the artwork as an album cover for digital and physical releases. You will receive a high resolution JPG image file and a licensing agreement that takes effect upon completion.

It is a single user agreement.

You can check out some of the designs now here!



Minimal Wallpaper

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After much interested I have created a minimal iOS Wallpaper for use on both the iPhone and iPad as seen in the image above. Further more I have created created some free wallpapers for the desktop also.

The wallpapers are available for the followings devices and resolutions :

iPhone 5
iPhone 6
iPhone 6+
iPad Mini
iPad Retina Display

Macbook 2304px X 1440px @ 72PPI
Macbook Air 11” 1336px X 768px @ 72PPI
Macbook Air 13” 1440px X 900px @ 72PPI
Macbook Pro 13” Retina 2560px X 1600px @ 72PPI
Macbook Pro 15” Retina 2880px X 1800px @72 PPI
iMac 21” 1920px X 1080px @ 72PPI
iMac 27” 2560px X 1440px @ 72PPI
iMac 5K 5120px X 2880px @ 72PPI

There are three wallpaper styles (Circle, Stripes & Triangle) contained in the digital download.

The wallpaper is now available in a zip file format for Free via my online store which is available via this link.

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